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Swim Spas

You may have heard them called swim spas, exercise pools, lap pools – but regardless what you call them – they are growing in popularity and Oregon Hot Tub now carries the top brand, Hydropool in our Portland, Beaverton, Bend, Clackamas, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington showrooms!



No other exercise pool can match the standard features of the Hydropool Swim Spa. Whether you are the everyday athlete or a competitive swimmer, there is something for everyone. Plus, every Hydropool Swim Spa comes equipped with the self-cleaning system, allowing you to spend more time enjoying and less time cleaning.


Hydropool Swim Spas come in four size options:
Click on a model below to learn more.

14iX 14fX 17fX 19fX


14-Ft. Swim Spa
(no hot tub)


14-Ft. Swim Spa + Integrated Hot Tub


17-Ft. Swim Spa + Integrated Hot Tub


19-Ft. Swim Spa + Integrated Hot Tub

Within each size option are two swim jet options:

  • AquaSport: Perfect for the everyday athlete. The smooth jet system is also great for teaching kids how to swim.
  • AquaTrainer: Ideal for the competitive or serious swimmer. The high intensity jet system provides great resistance for a challenging workout.

Regular physical activity is reported to reduce stress, make your heart stronger and lower the risk of stroke and heart disease according to the American Heart Association. Other benefits of routine exercise include: keeping joints flexible, decreasing insulin requirements for those with diabetes and improved blood circulation. Of all the benefits, these are just a few. There are many more reasons to create an exercise program such as, to improve your cognitive functions, enhance your overall well-being, make your immune system stronger, and help manage your weight.
Walking Jogging
To add another exercise option to your TidalFit try the SUPERSWIM belt attachment. Experience an almost weightless environment with the water’s buoyancy, giving your bones and joints less stress as you walk. You will increase the rate of muscle strengthening and calories you burn when you have the resistance of the water as you walk.
Ease yourself into a higher level of health and fitness with an exercise that both low-impact and gentle. Walking is an exercise that is very natural for your body. There are several health benefits to walking, it’s safe and it’s easy. It also raises the good cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) and lowers the bad cholesterol, Low-density cholesterol (LDL). Use TidalFit to create your regular walking routine and manage or reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, improve your mood, stay fit and lower your blood pressure.
Information provided by the Mayo Clinic.
Rowing is an exercise that is low-impact, non-load bearing and smooth. This exercise distributes the intensity evenly over the three major muscle groups of the body: legs, arms and torso. Instead of toning individual parts of your body, rowing spreads it to all of the muscles.
You will develop muscular endurance and strength, use a lot of calories which helps with weight loss, improve aerobic capacity and improve flexibility by rowing vigorously. Your chest, abs, upper back and chest will get a complete workout. This exercise uses a lot of muscle groups allowing you to burn a large amount of calories. It is also easy on the ankles and knees because it is low impact. Allowing your joints to move through a wide range of motion, rowing is amazing for joint health and it is a great cardiovascular and aerobic workout.
Information provided by the Concept2.
Strength Training
The TidalFit pool allows you to use resistance cords to do tricep extensions, shoulder pulls, back pulls, curls and chest presses. To increase your core stability and build strength on the lumbar is what these exercises for your upper body are designed for. You can use the cords for advanced and beginning training as the cords come in different sizes.
Strength, flexibility and muscle tone are increased by these portable, lightweight cords. Throughout the day your body will burn more calories with strength training because it increases your metabolic rate. Strength training consistently with the TidalFit will make muscles stronger and more resilient improving flexibility, stability, balance, mobility, and it will increase bone density.
Information provided by Longfellows Club.
A goal when exercising is to increase your flexibility, improve your cardiovascular conditioning and strengthen your muscles. You don’t want to be in pain. It’s key to stretch your muscles with the sidebars in your TidalFit spa, before and after you workout to relieve sore muscles and possible injuries. The TidalFit spa has convenient sidebars that make stretching easy
When performing any strength training or aerobic workouts they require your muscles to flex and contract. Which is why stretching is a necessary part of exercise routines. The range of motion in your joints is improved by stretching which in turn improves your balance. Stretching can also increase recovery time after injuries to your muscle by increasing circulation which improves blood flow to muscles. You can also lower stress by stretching because it relaxes the tense muscles that come with being stressed.
Relaxation and Hydrotherapy
Benefits go beyond a rejuvenated spirit and a clear mind when it comes to relaxation. Have you heard about the significant health benefits achieved by relaxation? Reducing or eliminating insomnia, lowering stress, and lowering the chance of certain health conditions developing, like heart disease and cancer, when your reaction to depression and stress is improved.
Experience relaxation and healing for your body and mind when the elements of hydrotherapy, buoyancy, massage and heat are combined.
The use of water as therapy is the definition of hydrotherapy. In our modern society we still use this same technique that has been used for centuries to help joint injuries, arthritis and muscular pain. Hydrotherapy is also used to improve the feeling of well-being and relieve stress.
Hydrotherapy has been used for stress relief and healing for many years. Buoyancy, water movement or hydro-massage and heat are the three basic principles. Circulation in the body and dilating the blood vessels are accomplished with heat. TidalFit is dedicated to improving your relaxation, your health and your quality of life.

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